Luke Fontana's Record Speaks For Itself

Luke was the first attorney to win a substantial judgement against the New Orleans Police for murdering a Charles Cheetham, an African American, in April 1995.

The jury awarded his widow, and young son, over $800k after the City exhausted their appeal to the Supreme Court.

Luke responsible for the desegregation of the State Industrial School for Colored Youth notoriously known as Scotlandville and in the equalization of funding by the Louisiana State Legislature to the juvenile institutions in the state of Louisiana.  

Fast Facts

Luke stands for what he believes and loves his city dearly. He is currently in Federal litigation against the incumberant Mayor LaToya Cantrell for her policies and mandates to be found unconstitutional.

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Luke's History

Luke Fontana is the first in New Orleans to crack the NOPD blue line in his landmark Charles Cheetham case. This was the first time any large award was granted against the New Orleans Police Department for killing an African-American.  Mr. Cheetham, an African was brutality murdered by the New Orleans Police. Luke represents the widow and young son of Charles Cheetham and they were awarded $800k after the City exhausted their appeal to the Supreme Court.


Luke Fontana establishes Save Our Wetlands Inc to begin his battle has guardian of the Louisiana environment, water supply, and diminishing coastal wetlands.


Luke Fontana sues Mayor LaToya Cantrell in Federal Court to declare her COVID-19 policies unconstitutional.


Luke Fontana returns from retirement to battle the injustices and U.S. Constitutional violations plaguing the City of New Orleans by Mayor LaToya Cantrell.



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