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Rebirth New Orleans

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Luke Fontana for Mayor, Rebirth New Orleans

No Corporate Money in Local Poilitics

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Luke Fontana only accepts campaign contributions from individuals and companies in the State of Louisiana

Rebirth New Orleans

A Better New Orleans

My campaign is meant to bring back the economy, tackle corruption, improve social and medical care and create educational programs for youth.

Attorney, Artist, Musician, & Photographer
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Luke Fontana, The Next Mayor of New Orleans

I believe in the rebirth of the City of New Orleans.

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Luke Fontana's Outline for the Rebirth of New Orleans

I stand up for those left behind by corruption and disastrous policies.

Luke Fontana

Choose a New Direction for New Orleans

Luke Fontana is for the everyday hard working man. Luke will stamp out corruption and will not accept big corporate donations.

Luke is the Mayor whom will correct the economically devastating and unconstitutional policies of Mayor Latoya Cantrell.

Primary Election Day is November 13, 2021

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“I’m glad that The Partiso decided to visit the Siemens plant in Steele Creek. I pass this plant every day on my way to work.”

Don Joe


“I would like to support your ideas to make a better future for us and our children. Thank you for the work you do for our citizens!”

Sandra Watson


“I completely support your environmental program and wish that you had more followers on social media because your campaign should win!”

Ashley Cooper

Ashley Cooper

Luke Fontana, Mayor of New Orleans

A New Direction for New Orleans

One term of LaToya the Destroya Cantrell's destruction and economic devstation is enough. Keep LaToya a one term Mayor. Elect Luke Fontana!

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Luke Fontana, Mayor of New Orleans
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We need to continue to fight to strengthen our economy, to protect our environment.